Ok this was raised once before, and I hadn’t got around to cleaning the code up. I am in the process of finishing this off now, and would like to know what people are using to post via XMLRPC and what type.

This will help me gauge what do release first, for testing and slowly integrate the rest.

At the moment I have Windows Live Write almost fully supported, just need to fix a couple of things that seem to be wrong. But one thing I have noticed is that all the blog themes that come with ContentBox have excerpts as well as content. But the themes are designed in a way that the content has the excerpt as well.

This is causing a few issues for me at the moment, pulling this into WLW and posting it back, I think I am almost there with it. But I am thinking that the way the excerpt and content for an entry is not working the way it should, what do others think about this?

Anyway I am hoping that I can release the WLW support this week, and hope to slowly add the others over time.

I use ecto (Mac) and Blogsy (iPad) to post via XMLRPC. ecto and MarsEdit are two of the most-used applications for OS X (even though ecto is getting rather long in the tooth and the developer seems to have gone AWOL). Blogsy is very popular amongst iPad users because of its full features.