[1.5.7] HELP setNextEvent from root to layout

Hi there,

I have a root handler and in some point I use the setNextEvent to redirect the user “back-to” contentbox page, I try to persist the rc from that handler, but is not working, the rc is empty back in Contentbox.

Any ides and help?


Use flash ram.


I actually was about to try that, but I want it to know why the rc.bar was not persisted… I’ll go with flash then.



Hi there again…

Same thing with Flash…

contact.name = ‘name’

In my Root handler I have:
<cfset flash.put(‘contact’,contact) />

<cfset setNextEvent(event=‘returnurl’) />

In my layout view I have:
<cfset rc.contact = flash.get(‘contact’) />

Error: contact not found in flash scope

Any more ideas :slight_smile:

If it is already in the rc scope, try something like this


Before the nextEvent, all this is in that link I provided.

Thank you Andrew… let me go back to it.
Thanks for your time