2.5.2 almost there...

For those of you interested in downloading the daily build, I have let
the cat out of the bag today, in which we will have version 2.5.2.

Why the update if we are on schedule for 2.6? Well, these features
where left out of 2.5 until I was sure they where ok and now they are.
So what does the update include:

1. Two new interception points: afterHandlerCreation,
2. Fixes for using the coldboxproxy with event gateways
3. API documentation
4. Lightwire updated to include "containsBean" method
5. Due to the popularity of the flash RC persitance via setNextEvent
and setNextRoute, the method has been now exposed to the controller
and all plugins/handlers/interceptors. You can now persist variables
from the collection into the flash RC Ram via the method:
"persistVariables(comma-delimmited list of keys)". You can now use it
to persist on demand. (Thanks Mark!!)
6. One new interceptor: autowire.cfc
This amazing interceptor will autowire your handlers and plugins with
beans from the ioc plugins (whether coldspring or lightwire). So you
can easily autowire your handlers with service objects. Man, am I
gonna have to configure mooore stuff. Well, not thanks to conventions
and metadata. All you do is:

- Declare the 'autowire=true' in your cfcomponent declaration.

<cfcomponent name="handler" output="false" autowire="true">

- Then just create the getter/setters for your services (*They have to
be the same name as the bean names in your configurations)

<cffunction name="setUserService">
  <cfargument name="userService" type="any">
  <cfset instance.userService = arguments.userService>
<cffunction name="getUserService" returntype="any">
  <cfreturn instance.userService>

And that is IT!!! No configuration, just add the "autowire" parameter
to your handlers and plugins, create the getters and setters and you
are ready to roll.

The interceptor declaration would be:
<Interceptor class="coldbox.system.interceptors.autowire">
  <Property name="debugMode">true</Property>

The debugmode property just spits out to the log files any errors or
information stuff.

So there you go, one more surprise coming probably in about a week and
2.5.2 is a go!!

Enjoy the autowire interceptor!!