3.0 need your input? Should event be proxied?

Here is the situation. Every handler call or interceptor call
receives the request context as an event argument. Should ColdBox 3.0
offer the ability to have an event proxy already in the handler/
interceptor. This would be a feature for cf8 and above where
onMissingMethod is available.

So instead of doing a handler like this:

function index(event){}

You would like this:
function index(){}

Basically, the event is now in the variables scope as a proxy object.
When you make a call on any method of the event object, the proxy will
execute onMissingMethod() and delegate to the real event context.

Now, the only drawback of this approach is performance, because
instead of going directly to the object you go via onMissingMethod
first on any event call.

Does this make sense to do? Or is receiving the event object via
arguments satisfactory?

In my opinion, receiving via arguments is more than satisfactory. Especially when you consider the potential performance hit on heavy volume sites. It is certainly not an inconvenience to receive via an argument, and therefore I feel that it is absolutely not worth the risk of a performance hit.

I think that's pretty slick... and seriously how much a performance
hit will that actually be?

I think it cleans up handlers nicely and utilizes a dynamic language

I agree with Matt Luis.