[3.5.3] AOP, DI, and FrameworkSupertype

I’m at a silly loss for a few aspects of CB/Wirebox that I can’t seem to grasp.

I’m using an AOP Aspect to allow for custom security annotations on event handler methods. I want to verify permissions and either proceed or use MessageBox and setNextEvent to redirect to a login page with a message regarding permissions (or lack thereof).

Issue 1
In the aspect, inject MessageBox via inject=“coldbox:plugin:MessageBox” and when I attempt to call setMessage on that property, I get an error that my message box property is a string and does not have the method setMessage.

I imagine this is similar to my issues with the race condition where I attempt to inject some module settings in another dependency for that aspect. Luis, you suggested I use a provider. How might I set that up? for these dependencies:

  • coldbox:plugin:MessageBox
  • coldbox:setting:mySetting@MyModule
    Issue 2
    When I attempt to call any of the FrameworkSupertype methods which are clearly present on the Aspect when I writedump(this), I get errors that those methods are undefined.

Why would this happen, and how do I handle it?

Thanks a ton for the assistance!


Can you provide an example, it seems strange unless the methods are private.

And an example with the message box would be good, and sounds unusual to be honest, so I need to see what your doing to help further.