3.5 videos

Hi everybody. I am currently preparing for the 3.5 release and wanted a small thing from this awesome ColdBox community.

I need for you guys to do a short 1-3 minute video explaining to us why you love ColdBox 3.5, what is your favorite feature and why you use ColdBox. If it is in HD that would be great, if you want to show code great, if you want to show where you live great an if you can mention where you work and the projects you work on that would be even better. Then please send them to us at lmajano@ortussolutions.com with your full name and where you are in the world.

We will use the videos in the new site an also the 3.5 launch.

As a thank you gift the first 10 videos will get an amazon $25 gift card.



You just want a link, say to Vimeo for example, so you can embed a
player into a page on coldbox.org, right? Or were you planning to
upload the source to your own hosting solution?


Vimeo is fine. I can download it from there too as I will need to do editing and effects