404 error shown when publishing time is not within an hour of the current time or when the content is in Draft status

In the ContentBox admin, when editing a page, if I were to leave the content in Draft status or if I put in a future date/time that is not within an hour of the current date/time, when viewing the actual page (NOT within ContentBox admin), I would get a 404 error. As long as I am logged in to ContentBox admin and trying to view a page within ContentBox admin (by clicking on the three dots and click View), the page would always come up. But when viewing the page from outside of Contentbox admin, the 404 error would come up.

Any idea on what might be causing this please?

May I ask if there is an update on this issue please?

If it is a brand new page (never published before), I can understand why a 404 error would come up. But a page was already published, I would expect the published version of the page content being shown.