A couple more bugs in LogBox (in ColdBox 3.0.0M4)

As y'all have probably guessed from previous emails, I'm happily
configuring LogBox for my application and creating some custom

I ran into a couple of bugs:


Lines 211 & 212 refer to arguments.category - they should refer to
parentCategory instead. This bug prevents inheritance of <Category>s.


Line 77 refers to attributes.entry - this should be entry (the local
variable) since that line is not inside <cfthread>.

With those fixes in place I now have a fairly nice customized logging
solution that writes FATAL..INFO messages to console and a rolling log
file by default with FATAL messages also going via email. Then for two
sections of the application, FATAL..DEBUG messages go to console,
another rolling log file and a custom DB table (except DEBUG
messages), again with FATAL messages also going via email.

Thanks Sean,

the first issue has been logged, resolved and ticketed! :slight_smile:

The second issue was already contributed and fixed on SVN for a while now!!

Again, you have hawk eyes :slight_smile: Thank you for collaborating and sending them in!!

By the looks of your email I detect that now you are having FUN with logging!! WOOT WOOT!!

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

ColdBox Platform: http://www.coldbox.org
Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/3/731/483
Blog: http://www.luismajano.com
IECFUG Manager: http://www.iecfug.com

Er, no... I wouldn't use the word "FUN". Including finding and fixing
those bugs, it took me about three hours to get things configured the
way I wanted. Although I now have a good basis for rolling out
standardized logging across the whole application (again, not fun, but
necessary and less painful than rolling my own loggers and configuring
them :slight_smile:

By the looks of your email I detect that now you are having FUN with
logging!! WOOT WOOT!!

Er, no... I wouldn't use the word "FUN".

Sean would use "FUN-Tastic"!

couldn't resist.

good stuff, watching you guys go back and forth. Logging == Teh Suck,
but it's critical. ColdBox is lucky to have people like Sean banging
away at it.

Including finding and fixing

Personally, I'm with Luis. Logging is magical. I've been working on
putting together a more robust logging setup (sounds a fair bit like
Sean's actually) and I love that in normal production operation I can
have it just log major things, actively push out errors to appropriate
monitoring, then if we detect something weird, flip a switch and have
virtually everything logged. Brilliant stuff, really.