Access Config settings in Model

I have a question about how to access config settings inside the
I am using cfproperty for all dp injections. How would I access these
settings inside the model?
I prefer not to pass them in from the handler but to be able to access
tem directly in the model.
// custom settings
    settings = {
      jsmin_cacheLocation = "includes/cache",
      rss1 = "
      rss2 = "
      rss3 = "
I have been trying this but it does not recognize controller variable

<cfargument name="rss1" type="string" required="no"
default="#cbcontroller.getSetting('setting').rss1#" />

Thanks for your help in advance.

You can use the coldbox:setting:name in the cfproperty. Or you can inject a full config bean that has all the configuration variables using: coldbox:configbean

Here is how I tried to access it but my syntax is wrong.

<cfproperty name="rss1" type="coldbox:setting:name"
scope="variables" />

<cfargument name="rss1" type="string" required="no"
default="#variables.cbcontroller.getSetting('rss1')#" />

Error Messages: Element CBCONTROLLER is undefined in a Java object of
type class [Ljava.lang.String;.

What is the correct syntax?

Thanks for your help in advance.

use inject instead of type
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