ACF 2021, CFPM, and server.json Question

In Brad’s blog post from Nov, 2020, he mentions that support for ACF 2021 modules would be coming to server.json files soon. Does anyone know if that has been implemented yet? I searched the docs but didn’t see any mention of it (or I completely missed it).

I also spun up a fresh ACF 2021 server to test it, and received the following error when I typed cfpm:

JAVA_HOME is not set.  Please set the JAVA_HOME environment variable
to the path of your JDK.
The system cannot find the path specified.

I’m guessing this is still a work in progress… but I wanted to double check in case I missed anything.

For now, I’m installing modules via the cf administrator.

No, I haven’t gotten around to implementing anything other than CommandBox’s cfpm passthrough command.

The requirement of a JAVA_HOME env var being set is a hard requirement of Adobe’s underlying cfpm shell scripts. It only affect you if you have a system without java installed and set into an env var. I suppose we could work around that by having CommandBox set a JAVA_HOME env var in the process that runs the cfpm shell script if it isn’t already defined.

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That makes sense, thanks for the update! Yeah, I think for now we have to manually add a JAVA_HOME environment variable.

Should just be a matter of setting it as a CommandBox env var since the run command automatically passes along all CommandBox env vars into the environment where the native execution happens. So just a few lines of code interacting with the SystemSettings CFC should do it.

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