ACF 8.01 Troubles

Hello everyone,
Can anyone explain how to resolve the error (Invalid token ? found on line 851 at column 79)

This is a windows 2008 IIS7 machine running ACF 8.01. The Coldbox “bundle” was downloaded (version 3.7.0) placed in the webroot and when you access either any of the sample apps or use the Simple,Advanced, etc application templates the error persists.

I have tried adding a CF mapping and moving the Coldbox folder, reverting back to version 3.60 (but another error is presented about the location of a variable).

Does CB version 3.7.x work on ACF 8.01. I tried googling, searching CB wiki, etc but couldn’t find the info. Any help is much appreciated.


That code uses the ternary operator which is not cf8 compat. There is already a ticket for this and it has been fixed in the development branch.

I would recommend replacing this line:

viewToRender = ( len( arguments.formatsView ) ? arguments.formatsView : replace( reReplaceNoCase( getCurrentEvent() , “^([^:.]*):”, “” ) , “.”, “/” ) );

with this:

if( len( arguments.formatsView ) ){
viewToRender = arguments.formatsView;
viewToRender = replace( reReplaceNoCase( getCurrentEvent() , “^([^:.]*):”, “” ) , “.”, “/” );

Also be forewarned, ColdBox 4 will drop support for CF8.



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