Adding additional SSL certs to admin using CFConfig

Is it possible to add additional SSL certs to admin using CFConfig?
I’m using CFConfig in commandbox to build docker image to run lucee server in k8s cluster without lucee server admin. I was getting “PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target” error on a https requests. Using SSLCertificateInstall() before https request solves the issue, but this function has to be executed before every https requests. Looking for a solution to install certificate once like install lucee admin. Is it possible with CFConfig?

Saravanan K

No, cfconfig doesn’t handle that. It only writes to lucee’s xml files, but certs must be imported to the castore.

The ssl install very function doesn’t need to be ran before every http request. Only once per server installion and the fever must restart to take effect.

Better option is to use openssl to import the certs into Lucee’s castore after warming up the server in your Docker file.

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