Additional Routing Weirdness

So I moved my site from fw/1 to Coldbox
Having some Urls that no longer work but I’d like them to.
On FW/1 and locally on coldbox these actually work just not on my server.
as well as
Now the test.cfm throws an error saying it can’t be found it’s not looking in views or even hitting Router.cfc that I can see. Also it does work locally which is odd but not on my server.

2nd weird issue. this url use to work
because it was a rewrite of /journal?username=webdiva&rate=3
which it still is. However now it errors otu because of the & it’s expecting a ?
I have a bunch of URLs on google that are going to be affected in both instances so I’d love to get these to work the way they used to if possible.
I can use .htaccess or router.cfc I am on linux and using lucee.

These questions are both related to your URL rewriting scheme, not necessarily ColdBox.

For removing the file extensions, take a look at:

For query string rewriting, I would highly recommend forcing the ? character to display, because that URL does not look valid. I’m surprised it worked at all in the first place. However, if you have to, I’m sure you can get this working in your .htaccess file. I’m not a .htaccess expert, so I’d recommend you ask Google.

Thanks yeah I wasn’t sure if it was a coldbox issue since it was working locally (without any rewrites) but not on my server. At least the .cfm issue was. It’s not a huge deal but was just hoping to have those at least 301 redirect. I’ll mess with htaccess some more and see if I can get things working. Thanks!

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You’re welcome, good luck!