Admin Plugin to extend ContentBox Settings


An another wish is running through my head. I’m used to extend a theme with it’s on settings from .cfc. But in matter of fact, some seetings are site wide and not only theme wide. Example: Web Analytics like Google and Piwik.

Is it possible to create a plugin, which extends the “ContentBox Settings” with new menu items and its UI? Would be great. I think it is possible after checking out the content of the handler and views folder.


You can create global settings already Martin

Use the following events:

cbadmin_onSettingsNav - to add new tab controls
cbadmin_onSettingsContent - to add new tab panes


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Hi Luis

Like always, ContentBox is simply a different word for flexibility :wink:

Before i have to dive into the “how the Admin UI works”-thing, i will finish the frontend.