Amazon SES ColdBox Plugin

Just posted this on my blog

Thought I would post here as well..

I have written a plugin for Amazon SES - took some inspiration for the already existing Amazon S3 plugin as you will see....

Feel free to use/ test / break.

~Anuj Gakhar

Great work Anuj.

I’ve not had time to properly use Amazon SES yet - but it looks great. (we use PostMarkApp which is very similar)

Your plugin looks great. Thanks for putting that together! Loads of really nice features for getting quota data etc.

In ColdBox 3.1 there were a bunch of enhancements to the mail infrastructure, one of which is ‘protocols’ which allow you to plug a different protocol into the standard mail service, currently we have a standard cfmail, postmarkapp and file protocol.

You may wish to look at rewriting the mail send methods of your plugin as a protocol - this would make it even easier for > 3.1 users to drop into their applications and get up and running with SES right away, without changing the code anywhere else in the application, as they can use the standard mail service.

The docs haven’t been updated yet I don’t think, but information on the protocol stuff can be found here.



That sounds great. I haven’t thoroughly looked into the mail protocols yet, but now that you have told me what it can do, I will look into that.

Thanks again.

Hi Anuj,
Did you make it to mail protocol? I am planning to use SES for one of our project and like to utilize if you already build it. I can build protocol as well utilizing your plugin if you haven’t done already.