[Announcement] New ColdBox Platform Ref Card Released

refcard_150[1].pngWe are pleased to pronounce our release of the ColdBox Platform Ref Card. It is available in PDF form so you can view it in the browser, or download it to any mobile/reader device for later reference. Of course, it’s only a few pages long so you can print it out and keep it at your desk.

Download Here!

We have several more Ref Cards planned over the next few months. They aim to be 4-6 page introductions to the family of ColdBox libraries that give you a high-level overview of what that library does and how to get started using it. We won’t cover every feature-- just the basics to get you started. The ColdBox Platform Ref Card covers what an MVC framework is, how to download and install ColdBox and gets you started creating your first app.

The ref cards are available freely to download and are hosted on our official GitHub repo and we encourage you to Tweet them and share them with any coworkers or friends who you think might benefit from an intro to ColdBox. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to E-mail me. Also, a special shout-out to Richard McKenna for designing the layout for us.

Keep your eyes open for these additional Ref Cards coming soon:

  • WireBox Ref Card
  • WireBox AOP Ref Card
  • CacheBox Ref Card
  • LogBox Ref Card
  • MockBox Ref Card
  • ColdBox ORM Ref Card
  • ContentBox Ref Card



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