Announcing AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Hi folks, Given that this supports a java stack, does it seem plausible that a CB app could be deployed and scaled using CF as an ear/war? I’m interested to know if this is possible.


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Should be - someone has already got Railo running on it. Don’t know re: Adobe CF:

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sweet! Thanks Peter!



How did you find the Railo Elastic Beanstalk?

Other than the link you sent, I can’t seem to find any info on it. Curious what I am missing.



It’s not the Railo elastic beanstalk. It’s the Amazon elastic beanstalk. A Railo fan just threw up to show how easy it would be to upload a Railo app onto Beanstalk:

You could do the same for a war based deployment of OpenBD or Adobe CF.

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out of curiosity, does Railo have some guides on how to package CF apps with Railo into WAR’s?
Would be great additions to the docs!


Realized I’d never done it. Quick question and Mr. Corfield to the rescue:

“Unzip WAR file, add application files, zip it back up into a WAR file.”

So you’d install a WAR based version of Railo, add your app code, then when the app was working the way you wanted, zip it up using your favorite zip util, change the extension to .war and deploy the resulting file.

Personally I’m looking for “git push cferoku” though, so hopefully someone is working on that as we speak!

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cferoku would be sweet.

Pardon my ignorance, what is cferoku?

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It is what I would love to see - heroku for cfml

Basically, create an account. Code your app locally. Add a new remote to git.

Then deployment consists of “git push heroku”. That’s it.

Make sure to put changing static files (user uploaded images and the like) in the db or on S3 (because it is a read only file system which makes sense) and you’re good to go.

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A heroku type system for CF would be amazing. just purchased heroku for bundle of money.

I know some devs who are working with it right now with ruby and it’s incredibly easy to deploy apps and gain the advantage of cloud scalability.

we definitely need to figure out how to implement something like heroku for CF and have to the ability to use heroku type “add-on’s”

The beanstalk might just be our ticket to figure out how to do this. it’s about time us CF devs have something like this!


There is a learning curve, however - for many CF devs.

  • Firstly, you’ve gotta “get” git
  • Then you need to deal with a read only file system so any image uploads, etc need to go to S3. Some for logging. With a read only file system, it’s a different world
  • Then you’ve got to think about databases in terms of what you’re going to use for a data store and how/where to host that (heroku gives you postgres out of the box, but they have to do some work to make that happen)

You also have to think how you want to work with things like sending emails - especially if you care about deliverability.

So the question is how many CF devs are willing to work that way. It’d be interesting to know though as it’s certainly something I’d like to use.

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I’ve recently made the move to Amazon EC2 which is pretty much the same as what you said. ie databases/file uploads etc all need to sit somewhere outside (S3/EBS etc) so an instance crash would not mean data loss. It took a few days to get used to the new way of doing things but now I think it’s actually awesome. I’ve heard good things about Heroku and it would definitely be worth having in the CF world.

Anuj, can you provide any details on how you’re running your database?

Asset storage seems to be fairly straightforward, but porting the DB is a bit more fuzzy. Thanks!


Sorry, just checked this email.

I am storing my Mysql files on an EBS volume mounted on the instance. Purely because, I don’t want an instance crash to mean data loss for Mysql files.
This is the ULR I followed.

It would still mean that Mysql is installed on the instance, but then you can create an AMI after all your installations so won’t have to install again.