Another bug in ColdBox 3.0 is LogBox

I have the following appender

appenders = {

coldboxTracer = {


properties={filePath=’…/logs’, fileName=‘SpringField’, autoExpand=true, fileMaxSize=2000, fileMaxArchives=2}



If I delete my logs directory an error is raised saying can’t find the log directory!!!

If I create the log directory, and run the application then the log folder is there, and so is the logs directory!!!

So which is correct log or logs, as my appender says logs then somewhere it is hardcoded as log which is way wrong!!!


Andrew Scott

Hi Andrew,

Does the first line indicate an error occurring in ColdBox config or is it tripping up on a call to logbox - ie. log.debug(), log.warn() ?



If I delete the logs directory it throws an error saying it can’t find the directory log. If I then create the log directory it works, but then I have two dirs., one called log, and one called logs. The logs actually has the log file.

Very easy to test yourself…


Andrew Scott

I would like to add that I double checked this, and the same thing is happening for me as well.

With the same settings as Andrew as indicated, make sure you delete both the log and logs directory, I see the same error.

I have to say do people actually try this before replying?

@nolan, it is not rocket science and it happens exactly as Andrew has indicated.

Is it possible that 2 different appenders are configured with both paths?

Did you try it Brad?

No Brad, the ColdBox.cfc has one log appender. I have been around long enough with ColdBox to have checked that before raising it in this mailing list.


Andrew Scott

OK, I have committed a fix for this and did a pull request. Should be integrated into the github repo later today.


Cheers Curt will check it out when it gets pushed.


Andrew Scott