Any good tutorials out there?

I've been deep into the ColdBox Docs, all of them, for over a week,
and still feel like I've barely gotten anywhere with it. Can anyone
point out a good tutorial, or better, set of tutorials?

The massive blocks of code renderings presented in the "Getting
Started" aren't very helpful to a noob, I'd prefer short, sweet "How
To's" if anyone is aware of such offereings.



I found some value in Jason Dean's postings when I first started.
Although, the form validation stuff was very intimidating initially.

I also found value in the sample apps. Particularly the "simple blog"
one which has 4 different versions with different concepts in each.
The docs + playing around with the sample apps helped solidify some of
the concepts in my mind and helped get the ball rolling.

- Gabriel

any particular “how to” you’re interested in? Since you can pretty much build anything you want with ColdBox, it’ll be hard to find a better collection of short sweet tutorials than what you find in the online docs themselves. “how to use an interceptor”, “how to use Coldbox’s autowiring”, “how to write views and layouts”… all of those basic precepts I found were best gotten from the docs themselves. If you’re wanting to find a “how to” on something more specialized, such as “how to implement basic security”, or “how to implement basic ajax”, etc., there are some blog posts floating around out there (most of which I believed are linked to in the docs). I myself have done a few posts on those basic things, for both my own future reference and to try and help shorten the learning curve for others getting started using CB. If you haven’t already seen them, you can check out–Part-I.cfm , , , , , and a 45 minute CB overview presentation I did at . And as I said, I’m sure others have done similar type blog posts as well that you should be able to find via Google, or that they may share links to in this thread.

Oh, and I do agree with you that dissecting a sample app is one of the absolute hardest ways to learn. It has its merits, but I would never suggest starting there.

As you’re figuring things out and you need some light shed on some principle or a proper way to “think” about some aspect of CB, don’t hesitate to ask! One of the great selling points for CB is the awesome support that it has, both from Luis and company and other people who use it (and love it :slight_smile: )

Doug :0)

Hi Bryce,

I would recommend Doug presentation, really good for learning the

Also there are some more presentation by Luis


Thanks Sana.

For the record, I've been in contact with Doug, and something I shared
with him (a link to Ray Camden's blog) inspired him to write an
awesome rebuttal that has in turn, inspired me.

I'm still suffering from the insecurities typical of the noob, but
that doesn't stop me from being a believer.


Believe :slight_smile: I'm currently writing some really good intro stuff for the
wiki and for a couple of articles / posts of my own. Sorry I don't
have them ready yet :\ it's a busy time.