Any Known Problems with Coldbox and CF 9.01 Update?


I'm getting ready to update to CF 9.01 and wanted to know if there are
any known issues with CF 9.01 and Coldbox? We are on Coldbox 3.0 M5.

Any responses definitely appreciated.


I'm currently running 9.0.1 and M5 and have had no issues. I only
experienced an issue when upgrading to 9.0.1. It became stuck and so I
ended having to do a clean install of 9.0 and upgrade that to 9.0.1.

- Gabriel

I do not have a Coldbox app in production on 9.0.1 yet, but, we are close.

Yesterday my load test performed as expected. I feel good about my application running ColdBox and CF9.0.1.



Cool. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to upgrade our dev
environment first and see how it goes.

We am running a number of internal apps on M5 with the 9.01 update without any issues.

Curt Gratz
Computer Know How