Anyone seen this problem, only happens with forms and no real pattern

Hey guys,

I have run into something that seems to be annoying as I can’t locate what might be causing it.

Sometimes with forms when submitted I find that it hangs on the submit, now as there is nothing appearing in the logs for ColdBox my assumption is that it is not even hitting ColdBox.

So here is the scenario, this is an SES site that I am using with Helicon Rewrite on Windows with IIS. And I usually only see this problem if the form has been in the browser for a little while. In other words, if the form is reached by getting to the page, and submitted without any sort of delay there is no problem. But even a simple login form, that if I leave there long enough it just acts like it is hanging.

Now my problem is that I know it has nothing to do with my code, because all of my Application logs are not appearing. So the Application isn’t even getting it, nor does ColdBox as there is no logs being generated even by it.

So I am hoping that someone might have something, that I can begin to look at and see what the cause might be. I am suspecting that it is the URL Rewrite and IIS to be honest. But I am not sure, and nor do I have a clue where to begin looking.

So any help and direction that you can help with I would very much appreciate some pointers that might lead me in the direction to help solve this.

If anyone is interested I found the problem.