API Docs question

At this URL (https://apidocs.coldbox.org), I can’t seem to find api docs on cbwire and cbvalidation in the pick list at the upper right.

I’m assuming there is a reason why I can see LogBox and WireBox but not cbwire and cbvalidation.

Thinking cbvalidation might be bundled with ColdBox, I tried to search for cbvalidation in the ColdBox API with no luck.

Do API docs for cbwire and cbvalidation exist? I’m wondering if maybe these API docs available at a different location.




CBValidation and CBWire are not bundled with Coldbox. They are separate modules.

You can find their Forgebox links here:

The human friendly docs for each can be found here:

To my knowledge, the cbwire and cbvalidation modules do not have the same type of api docs that Coldbox has. However, their respective codebases are significantly smaller, so if you are curious about method arguments and such, you might have good luck checking out the source code on Github here:

Both repos are well documented and have plenty of code comments to help guide you.