App outside of web root

If I’m already using the Coldbox bootstrapper App.cfc, what other changes need to be made to accommodate the following folder structure?


  • Coldbox.cfc
  • Application.cfc (not using inheritance)
  • index.cfm

I’ve tried various iterations for the following variables without success. Each time, I get an exception saying Coldbox.cfc can’t be located.


Based upon what I saw in the docs, it appears I only need to modify COLDXBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH. By the way, CF is able to locate coldbox.xml.cfm if I create it in the config directory. CFC caching is disabled (thanks Matt).


Disregard the comment about CF locating the “coldbox.xml.cfm” file properly. That only worked when I left COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH as the default and put the full path into COLDBOX_CONFIG_FILE. That appears to have been the incorrect way to use that variable.

The current exception is…

Error Occurred While Processing Request

Config file not located in conventions: config/coldbox.xml.cfm,config/Coldbox.cfc

The only current change to App.cfc is…
COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH = “c:\websites\approot”

Jason Durham

I think this issue is resolved. I was using an Application.cfc file that was generated several releases back (maybe even as far back as 2.6.4). I added COLDBOX_APP_MAPPING and updated the rest of App.cfc and the exception has gone away.

Jason Durham