Are *.xml.cfm config files deprecated? :)

Guys, of course I’m joking, I know they are not. Right? :smiley:

But I got a problem: my app uses the *.xml.cfm and I have a configuration like this:



Thing is, when I hit http://444.333.222.111/myappdir/ using “?fwreinit=true”, it configures the baseURL setting to http://444.333.222.111/myappdir/ . That’s ok.

Then, I hit http://111.222.333.444:55/myappdir/ - WITHOUT ?fwreinit=true - and it uses http://444.333.222.111/myappdir/ as the baseURL setting, and it is NOT ok, of course. Same thing happens in “vice-versa” case.

Maybe I’m doing something really stupid here – like using the environments.xml.cfm the wrong way, but I can’t see what is wrong and, as far as I know, the app should be working fine using the correct baseURL per environment.

Alas, as I was writing this e-mail, I’ve tried to put my baseURL setting between … but things only got worse: the baseURL get configured by coldbox.xml.cfm and not changed when I fwreinit the framework on the other URL.

Some light on my problem other than “drop this XML thing and go for the interceptors approach”? Any info I need to supply you guys with to get help?

Thanks in advance!

Fernando S. Trevisan (Programador)