Autowire'd property is undefined handler

I had just moved my server from Linux to Windows and forgot to copy
over the Coldbox framework used so I downloaded the upcoming 3.0.0
RC1. As I recall, on Linux I was either using that or maybe an alpha
or beta that I don't seem to be able to find on the site now.

Either way, I am having trouble with DI working. I have my handler
defined as so:

<cfcomponent name="Page" extends="coldbox.system.EventHandler"
output="false" autowire="true">
     <cfproperty name="PageContentService" type="Model"
scope="variables" />
     <cfproperty name="Util" type="coldbox:plugin:FileUtils"
scope="variables" />

And further down the page I am calling:

<cfif variables.Util.isFile(expandPath('./views/content/

However, that is throwing an exception:

Component [handlers.Page] has no accessible Member with name [UTIL]

I have tried changing the scope to "instance" as well, and dumping
both collections to verify that they do not exist. I can't tell if
this is a coding problem on my end or possibly some scope setting in

The type attribute is no longer used (or hijacked). Change type to inject=’{ autowire dependency here }’.

Thank you for that. That did the trick. I'm curious to know when this
changed? The docs don't seem to show it, and it's kind of a pain to
have to go through all the components and rename that attribute.

3.0 M6

It is mentioned in the docs and has been a topic a few times on this list.