Beta is almost here

Hi everybody,

Just some announcements on the progress of ContentBox. The majority of our beta tickets are now finalized, so big thanks to all of you collaborating (Curt, Jim, Brad, Seth, Mike, etc).

As of now, we are almost feature complete and ready to cut our first open beta. We will be creating the site at and .org and will be populating the documentation and stuff.

Since our last major update we have had incredible updates from:

  • Auto Updater is now finalized for the core, so all updates will be delivered electronically via ForgeBox
  • Versioning, all page and entry content is versioned for your lovely pleasure. You can rollback, delete and coming soon fork features.
  • CBHelper updated so you can build awesome themes
  • Geek Settings Panel, lots of love for geeks
  • Security rule enhancements
  • Drag and Drop sorting of pages
  • Pages have a showInMenu bit that is useful when building menus
  • Global HTML, to easily drop HTML,JS, CSS anywhere in specific locations implemented by themes
  • Fully awesome media manager and CK Editor integration
  • Etc, etc, etc.

So the current version is 1.0.1 and on the auto updates page you can choose from two channels of updates: stable and bleeding. So if you want to stay in the beta mood, select that one to check for beta updates. I will be doing 1.0.X releases until we reach a beta, so those will be build ids’.

Anyways, I am super excited about the project and hopefully, we can start building more stuff soon.