Blank page logging in


When I log into cbadmin I get a blank page (see attached). Just did a fresh install of contentbox. I used commandbox to install it.

Any ideas?




It looks like its not redirecting once you are logged in, or not.
If you look at dev tools while trying to login, do you see the redirect attempt, or anything like that?

Hi Gavin,

I don’t see anything going on. Just a 200


I will go back to Lucee 4.5 and see if it works.

I tried it in Chrome and same thing. It’s tools said “Failed to load response data”

What’s the Lucee 4.5 server password when you do box install contentbox && box server start ?

When I go to setup a datasource in server admin I can't login.
I tried admin, commandbox, contentbox, Lucee, blank and nothing got me in:)