Bogbox not running

Hey Everybody,

I'm getting the following error when I try to run BlogBox. Any ideas?
I'm running the latest ColdFusion with hotfixes, latest ColdBox, etc.


This seems a lot like the error I was getting about setType, Tony's response:

About issue #2 which GRAPE Stack reported above (errors on setType())
-- The setType() method in the init() of the Page.cfc model (I
couldn't find the "event" model he was talking about) is a generated
("implicit") setter from the property named "type" in the
BaseContent.cfc mappedsuperclass which it extends. I noticed that
accessors="true" attribute wasn't set in that component. Doesn't seem
like CF9 needs that with mappedSuperClasses because I don't get that
error with CF9 (I've never used mappedSuperClasses before). However, I
found that by simply adding that accessors="true" to
BaseComponent.cfc, it gets rid of the "No matching Method/Function for
SETTYPE(string)" error.

Thanks so much for your help.

It turned out to be a bug in Coldfusion. In case somebody comes across
this in the future, here's a little more info...

The error occurred with the .getResult() function on /blogbox/modules/
blogbox/model/ui/layoutservice.cfc line 104:

var rawLayouts = new Query(dbtype="query",sql="SELECT directory,name
from rawLayouts WHERE type =

The .getResult() is a call to c:/coldfusion9/com/adobe/coldfusion/
result.cfc. Adding accessors="true" to this component fixed the

Adding accessor to which component?

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I added the accessor to the Coldfusion template c:/coldfusion9/com/