BonCode and CommandBox AJP error

I am getting this error which seems to be in line with the error you are seeing. This is a file upload process and the code itself works, however this is a file that has 4,000 records in it. In shorter files, the process works without issue. When we try this large file, we get the error. The ironic thing is, on our development server which is less powerful we do not get the error even with the large file. Any Idea?

Thread was being aborted.
at BonCodeAJP13.BonCodeAJP13ServerConnection.ReadStream(Byte[]& receivedPacketBuffer, String readOrigin)
at BonCodeAJP13.BonCodeAJP13ServerConnection.ComunicateWithTomcat()
2023-02-20 19:18:50 1.0.41 ERROR
TCP Client level – Server/Port:localhost/8017
Thread was being aborted.
at BonCodeAJP13.BonCodeAJP13ServerConnection.ComunicateWithTomcat()
at BonCodeAJP13.BonCodeAJP13ServerConnection.HandleConnection()
at BonCodeAJP13.BonCodeAJP13ServerConnection.p_CreateConnection(BonCodeAJP13PacketCollection packetsToSend)

Hi @timeflys , I have moved your question to a new thread. Have you checked to see what sort of errors or log messages may be getting logged on the CommandBox side of things?

Thank you Brad, Unfortunately I don’t see anything specifically in the lucee-server/context/logs files or anywhere else. In fact, i can reproduce the issue every time by trying the file upload and process, so i have been looking everywhere to see if anything is being logged.

It wouldn’t be in the Lucee logs, it would be in the CommandBox server console logs. What you get when you run

server log --follow

or when you start the server with ’

start --console

You may also need to raise the log level of the server with --debug or --trace

Yes, i looked in that log file in textpad and nothing is showing up related to the issue i am having, nothing timestamped at the same time.

Dunno then, I’d create a BonCode ticket then and ask Bilal for advice.

The only difference is our development server is windows server 2016 and the production is windows server 2020… anything you know of off hand?