box CLI inside cygwin not working

I don’t always use windows, but when I do I use cygwin. Turns out box isn’t happy with that. Running “box” gives me the awesome ascii art and “CommandBox:box>” prompt but doesn’t seem to execute any commands. For instance if I issue the “help” command it never completes. However, when I ctl+c to abort the command it actually issues the “help” command in bash, giving me the cygwin help. Same with other commands.

Now, this is only an issue in the cli itself, issuing “box help” returns the help content - a lot slower than from within the cli, but it works.

Anyone else see this behavior? On the same windows machine box works fine in cmd, but it’s cmd and well cmd sucks.

BTW, box cli works great on ubuntu 14.10!

Thanks for the report. It’s been a while since I’ve used cygwin, but apparenlty there are some known issues with and the JLine Java library we use for the shell.

This here appears to imply there’s an unfixed bug in JLine:

Do you mind putting in a ticket for this so we can look into it? There may be a workaround on our end we can do.



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Did you drop the box binary inside of cygwin’s /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin or is it in a windows path? If the later, have you run it with /cygdrive/c/[path to binary]/box ?

Also, do you have a cygwin user directory for your administrator account in the cygwin /home ?

I installed it in c:\program files, so don’t need to run it with full path. If I use the full path it has the same result. And yes I do have a home directory.

Ticket raised: [COMMANDBOX-174] Box CLI not working inside cygwin - Welcome