Broken Update Link?

After a somewhat lengthy absence (I'm running version 1.0.6 on our business site) I finally logged in so I could prep our blog setup. To check on what what was the latest version, for Stable Releases, I clicked on "Check for Updates" and got this:


Is the link broken, somehow?

What is the best way to update from 1.0.6 to the latest Contentbox version?


Not exactly sure why you are seeing that returned. I did however recently complete ContentBox upgrades on a number of sites we had on versions as far back as 1.0.3. I updated incrementally using the zip files (in your case 1.0.7, 1.0.8, and so on) from and the “Upload Update” (last option on the update page). I did have a couple issues with allowed SQL permissions on CF datasources settings (Alter needed to be enabled I believe) but other than that they went pretty smoothly.

Do a backup. As the ContentBox site ( puts it “As with all automated installers, we recommend you create backups of your source and database before applying or at least testing in a staging or development version of your site.”

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You can also do a one shot upgrade, by downloading the latest from the website as well and drop the code into the site, then just make the ORM update in application.cfc so that it updates the database, and change it back.

That process is even quicker.