Bucket Password Issue with Couchbase 5

Hi, I’ve been evaluating Couchbase as a solution for cahce offloading on a Lucee windows installation. It sounds like to the ideal solution for handling session data and off heap caching. However I’ve run into a problem trying to set up the plugin. It appears that in Couchbase 5+ they have removed per bucket passwords and replaced them with a user based security model. This means I’m not able to provide security details and connect to a bucket, even setting up a default bucket and no password doesn’t seem to work.

I’m going to give it a go with version 4.5x, but as this is a new environment we’d really like to use the latest release possible, so we don’t have to upgrade again later.



Hi Jim, we haven’t updated our extension yet to work with RBAC but it’s on our list. In the meantime you should still be able to use Couchbase 5. In face, we’re using Couchbase 5 ourselves. I believe you can get it working by creating a user with the same name as your bucket and then use the password for that user to connect.



Brilliant, thanks Brad. I’ll give that a go.