Bug in SimpleBlog, version 5: An unhandled exception has occurred ...

I am testdriving the SimpleBlog-Version 5 example with the brandnew
ColdBox 3.0.0; for several actions - for instance clicking the 'Blog'
link - an unhandled exception occurs; with the following stack trace:

- http://localhost:8501/coldbox/samples/applications/SimpleBlog/simple_blog_5/index.cfm/blog

   An unhandled exception has occurred. Please look at the diagnostic
information below:
   Type Application
   Message Error while loading the entity.
   Detail java.sql.SQLException: [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver]
[SQLServer]Incorrect syntax near '`'.
   Extended Info
   Tag Context E:\WebSeiten\coldbox\system\orm\hibernate
\BaseORMService.cfc (129)
\simple_blog_5\handlers\admin\blog.cfc (22)
   E:\WebSeiten\coldbox\system\web\Controller.cfc (694)
   E:\WebSeiten\coldbox\system\web\Controller.cfc (579)
   E:\WebSeiten\coldbox\system\Coldbox.cfc (243)
\simple_blog_5\Application.cfc (71)

   00:25:01.001 - Application Exception - in E:\WebSeiten\coldbox\system
\orm\hibernate\BaseORMService.cfc : line 129

       Error while loading the entity.

I have never used ColdFusion 9 ORM (Hibernate) before ... Maybe there
has to be done some configuration in order to leverage it ? I have
found nothing in the ColdFusion 9 Administrator, however ...

change the Application.cfc’ the ormsettings.dialect to mssql server not mysql.
Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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Having had a first look into ColdFusion 9 ORM docs I could figure out
the correct dialect specification: "MicrosoftSQLServer".

Now the example runs like a charm :slight_smile: ! Thanks !