Bug in Wirebox with nullSupport

Hi everyone,

I am writing here to report an error we are experiencing with wirebox and Lucee.

Below is our Application.cfc with null support set to true.


    this.name           = "test-wirebox";
    this.nullSupport    = true;

    public boolean function onRequestStart(){

        var wirebox = new wirebox.system.ioc.Injector("config.WireboxBinderService");
        return true;




component extends="wirebox.system.ioc.config.Binder" {

    function configure() {

        wireBox = {
            scopeRegistration = {
                enabled = true,
                scope   = "server", // server, cluster, session, application
                key     = "wireBox-test-lucee"


When null support is set to false (in Application.cfc) everything work fine.

But, i set it to true, I get this error:

In order to fix this we have to access Lucee admin server and set null support to “complete”. (“Partial” support is default).


Why is this happening and how could we fix it?

Many thanks!

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Just to be clear, are you saying you get error when you set this.nullSupport = true; in the Application.cfc, but when you set the setting in the Admin UI, it works? For all I knew, those were the same setting!

Yes, it’s correct.

I tried with lucee-5.3.7 and lucee-5.3.8.

You can test downloading this file:

Simply, unzip it in webroot of a CommandBox server.

Many thanks :hugs:

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Add some info:

Error is:

"The function [configure] does not exist in the Object"

in line 76 of ioc/config/Binder.cfc:


Analyzing of line 72 of ioc/config/Binder.cfc:

if( structKeyExists(arguments,"config") and isObject(arguments.config) ){

with nullSupport = false

SerializeJSON(arguments) => {"injector":[OTHER-KEY]"scopes":{},"injectorID":1527395062},"properties":{}}

IsNull(arguments.config) => true

StructKeyExists(arguments,"config") => false

without nullSupport = true

SerializeJSON(arguments) => {"injector":[OTHER-KEY],"scopes":{},"injectorID":679639919},"config":null,"properties":{}}

IsNull(arguments.config) => true

StructKeyExists(arguments,"config") => true

with nullSupport Wirebox raises an exception because:

  • structKeyExists(arguments,"config")


  • isObject(arguments.config)

are both “true” and enters in if statment

Whene we add the !IsNull check it works:

if( structKeyExists(arguments,"config") 
      and isObject(arguments.config) 
      and !IsNull(arguments.config) ){


Thanks for helping research. It sounds like there are two issues here. The first is that the application.cfc setting bahaves differently than the admin setting. This is a Lucee bug, if it’s true.

The second issue is that wirebox needs to be using an isnull check instead if StructKeyExists. Can you put in a ticket for the second issue in our Ortus bug tracker?

I believe you are using an older version of WireBox/ColdBox. This was changed several minor fixes ago.

// If sent and a data CFC variables
		if ( !isNull( arguments.config ) and isObject( arguments.config ) ) {
			// Decorate our data CFC
			arguments.config.getPropertyMixin = variables.injector.getUtil().getMixerUtil().getPropertyMixin;
			// Execute the configuration
			arguments.config.configure( this );
			// Load the raw data DSL
			loadDataDSL( arguments.config.getPropertyMixin( "wireBox", "variables", {} ) );

@Roberto_Marzialetti Can confirm if just updating to the latest Coldbox.Wirebox solves your issue?

Hi everyone.

Yes. We upgrade WB to last version and this solved the issue.

Many thanks!