BugTracers in RC1

I migrated an app from 3.0.0_M6 to 3.0.0_RC1 and now I'm not longer getting BugTracer emails. If I switch back to M6 I get them again.

I noticed a comment in the config about bugTracers being deprecated, but I have searched the compatibility guide and release note and can't find anything about this. Anyone know how to get them working in RC1?

Also, the release notes page only has notes up to M6. Is there a new location for them somewhere, or where could I find release notes for RC1?


They should be active and not deprecated. Maybe you can trace it

I figured out that I need to call:


In my custom exception handler in order for the email to fire off. I remembered having to do that in earlier builds, but in M6 I didn't have to for some reason, so I had removed it.

Thanks Luis