Building a Login Module

Hi guys,

I’m going to be building a module, which will allow users to login to the front end of the site, and see a ‘My Account’ section, For the moment, this can be as simple as editing their login details.

I was wondering if anybody had any pointers / advice / examples for getting this done. The users wont be Authors, so it doesn’t seem right to model this too closely to that, but i haven’t decided yet if they will need security permissions, there might be a case for more than one user login level, but that might be best handled by duplicating the module, since they will be doing different tasks anyway.

Many Thanks, in advance, for your help.


Alex you can extend the Authors to your own users and reuse the permissions and roles in COntentbox. The only permission needed to log into the cb admin is the CONTENTBOX_ADMIN permission. So technically you can create users in the system without this permission.

Thanks Luis,

I had thought about doing that, but i dont want them to be able to log into the Admin area. They wont need to do any Author-y things, they cant edit the site. I just want to be able to have ‘Members’ of a site, it could even start simple; e.g. Sign-up to post comments.
I was wondering if anything like that had been worked on previously?

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If you don’t want them having access to the admin, simply leave them without the CONTENTBOX_ADMIN permission like Luis said.

Don’t get hung up on the fact that the entity is called “author”. We wish we had called it “user” now, but it affects so much code we’ve never changed it.



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