Buildlink and htmlbaseurl no longer playing together happily

I'm at a bit of a loss here as this was working before. I've got a
couple of menu links in my layout and I'm creating them thusly:


And in my Coldbox.cfc I set the htmlBaseURL like so:

settings = {
      htmlBaseURL = cgi.server_name

That should, I believe, make my above link point to

However, I am actually getting a link that is
http://index.cfm/Customers/index which obviously doesn't work. When I
dump out the cgi scope, cgi.server_name is indeed set correctly, so it
seems that htmlBaseURL is not being used correctly. I'm running CB
3.0.0 M5

Any thoughts?

Right, so I'm an idiot and forgot to check the Routes.cfm file which
was using cgi.http_host not cgi.server_name. Since I'm running Railo
under Tomcat and IIS, cgi.http_host comes through blank. I have no
idea why it worked before. It obviously should not have. However,
changing cgi.http_host to cgi.server_name in the Routes.cfm file fixed
everything up.