buildLink() / SES etc...


I'm having some issues with buildLink(), SES, on multiple levels
here... first, whenever I include my JavaScript files within my
application layout with SES urls it doesn't work, but if I request the
same event via "event=" it renders my js just fine. It seems as though
it's rendering the path to my js files as SES paths and thinks I'm
requesting an eventhandler/action... Not sure what's going on... but
it's wierd...
On another note, my app runs just fine locally with buildLink() SES
urls, but once I deploy to a SSL server, it seems as though buildLink
() isn't recognizing the server environment... in other words it
doesn't render the "https"... is this a setting of sort?

if that makes sense...


do I need to add "https" in my setBaseURL() directive in my routes

Yes, ssl detection is not there, it is actually an argument you must pass when relocating or building links. Since you might want to go into ssl and get out of ssl. I leave that up to the developer. This change will be in SVN soon.

the optional ssl argument change will be committed? .

but in regards to SES urls and including assets... does my explanation
make sense? every time I enable SES and add javascript or include
images in my views, it doesn't work correctly. but once I turn it off
it does...

anyone else run into this issue?

so for the moment, I've turned SES off for this particular reason, I
can't understand why this is happening. Also since buildLink() detects
whether you have SES enabled or not (which is nice) what's the syntax
to pass url params using buildLink() and non SES urls...?

I did this with SES

but it broke when disabling SES...

thanks in advance...

Ahhh gotcha. The js and images break because you are no longer in normal mode. SES requires you to do either

  1. declare a html tag that tells the browser the base url for your application OR
  2. declare FULL paths to your images, js, css, etc.

This is very common when using SES:

Please read that guide.

This should alleviate your problems.