[cachebox] - Couchbase Deployment

Just thought after my various questions on cachebox and couchbase over the last weeks, I’d let you all know that we went live with all the changes the Monday of last week, and it was a HUGE success. We had a virtually error-free Black Friday weekend and set new web sales records for the company without a single glitch or outage of the site while under heavy load. So thanks for all the help…but especially for such a great tool for the CF community to use!

Mary Jo Sminkey

Senior ColdFusion Developer

CF Webtools
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Mary Jo, I’m so glad to hear of your successful roll out!

I think a write up of how you used CacheBox and Couchbase to prep your site for massive Cyber Monday sales would make a really nice blog entry. What’s the chance something like that could make it onto one of the CF Webtools blogs?



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I do write articles for Mark’s blog from time to time, but I already have committed to another one first. Once I get that done though, i definitely might consider it. There’s been some interest in our group in learning more about the standalone wirebox/cachebox stuff we’ve implemented on this client, so it would make sense to write it up for the blog if Mark is interested in it of course!

Mary Jo