CacheBox on Beta 3.5 registering 2 railo provider caches as the same cache.

I can see what i am doing wrong here.

I have this snippet in my cachebox.cfc

                               cacheBox.caches = {
        //need to set up an eh cache lite called templte to use this
          template = {
            provider = "coldbox.system.cache.providers.RailoColdBoxProvider"
          object = {
            provider = "coldbox.system.cache.providers.RailoColdBoxProvider"

In the monitor i have 3 caches registered. default,template and object
However template and object have exactly the same items in them with
the same values.
Also on cachebox monitor the template cache under "Cache
Configuration" shows as having cachename=object

When i do this
objectCache = controller.getColdboxOCM("object");
//templateCache = controller.getColdboxOCM("template");

in onAppInit the template cache also clears too.

So it looks like i have 2 registered caches but they are using the
same underlying cache.

I have specified them as "eh cache lite" caches in Railo. Is Railo
only providing 1 underlying cache with "eh cache lite"? If so why does
the monitoring tool have it as cachename=object

Railo 3.3
Coldbox 3.5 Beta


If you read the RailoColdBoxProvider docs:
You can pass another property into the provider called “cachename” so you can tell the provider what underlying railo cache to talk to

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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Beautiful, thanks Luis

cacheBox.caches = {
          template = {
            provider =
            properties = {cacheName = "template"}
          object = {
            provider =
"coldbox.system.cache.providers.RailoColdBoxProvider",//uses the
default object cache by default
            properties = {cacheName = "object"}