Cachebox scopeRegistration with multiple apps -- app or server?

Hi all - I have a question about cachebox scope:

The default scope for cache is "server" according to the
documentation. If running more than one coldbox/cachebox app on the
server is it advisable to change the scope to 'application' or is the
cachebox scope already keyed to prevent different apps from colliding?

scopeRegistration = {
    enabled = true,
    scope = "application",
    key = "cacheBox"

I also note that there's an option for 'session', but the
scopeRegistration appears to be defined for the entire factory rather
than a single provider. Is this intended as a development setting or
is there a known use for this in production?



Good point.

I am thinking I will change the default scope to application scope, which I thought that was set, but I guess not. So yes, this give syou the ability to register the cachebox factory on a scope for ease of use. But yes, this should be application scope.

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Thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile: I have a feeling that just saved me
some future pain on a shared server!