Caching Objects

i am trying to get some help on caching objects use getColdboxOCM.

I have a cached cfc object A, and each user will access the same
cached object to get their own value.
here is the scenario,

obj A being created and cached; user A access it, and set its own
value to 123; then 2nd user access the obj changed 123 to 1234; and
then the 3rd user may come in change it say from 1234 to 1....

1. is this a common practice?

2. when you have lots of users access the same cached object
concurrently and trying to calculate the data for their own, will the
CF server handle it correctly?

3. will it be better to create a cached object for EACH of the users?
(Should we concern the memory usage then?)

it is a more generic question, but hope someone can clarify it for me.


If it is possible two users could try to change the value at the same time you probably want to lock your operations.

Thanks Aaron!