caching with coldspring

I am currently running Coldbox 3.0 with Coldspring. I am experiencing
some very odd behavior that leads me to believe that my CFCs are
getting cached between different users of my web application.

I BELIEVE I have turned of caching for coldbox/coldspring and I have
set cache="false" in the cfcomponent tag itself and am still
experiencing the same behavior. If two users click on a button at the
same time to fire dynamic code performing counts on my database their
sessions butt up against eachother and they end up with counts with a
combination of the two reports they are running.

Here is a look at what I believe are the relevant fields in my
coldbox.xml.cfm file.

<Setting name="HandlerCaching" value="false" />
<Setting name="HandlersIndexAutoReload" value="false" />
<Setting name="IOCObjectCaching" value="false" />

<Framework type="coldspring" reload="true"

Am I missing something as far as caching objects goes? Any assistence
would be most appreciated.

Have you made sure you don’t have any var scoping issues also?

I'm sorry about the lag on this. Had to get something else deployed.
Can you elaborate on what you are talking about here? If I initialize
an object in the handler like below, it should be by user by session?
Or am I incorrect on that?

<cfset var oChemicalService =