Can I use populateModel inside a model?

My DBA is asking me to use XML so he can combine a series of SELECT whatever FROM queries to reduce execution plans which will improve database performance. The problem is that I use jQuery and my functions are often remote.

My thought is if I could use populateModel inside of my model function then I could then could use my setters to put the data into the model and then use the XMLConverter when passing the argument to the database.

I assume that I have to somehow inject populateModel into the model to be able to use it. Can anyone tell me if this is the correct approach? What would that injection look like? I’ve only injected things like plugins.



Can you expand on exactly what you are using XML for? I didn’t really follow that. Is he wanting you to pass XML into the database, or is he trying to return XML from the database? I can imagine some scenarios for the former, but not for the latter.



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I’m trying to send the database xml

I am trying to send the database xml. I’m trying to use a remote function in a model. No handler involved.