Can't find 5.9.1 download

Where can I find version 5.9.1? I’m looking for this specific version for Mac but it looks like there’s only the latest version (6.0.0) on Homebrew and I can’t find any legacy download links in relation to their release notes.

Downloading and running the .exe still shows that I’m running 6.0.0
Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 12.33.00 PM

.exe files are only for Windows.

If you need to install a previous version you would do:

brew unlink commandbox
brew install commandbox@5.9.1
brew link commandbox@5.9.1

There’s no previous version of commandbox on Homebrew.
brew install commandbox@5.9.1 results in
No available formula with the name “commandbox@5.9.1”. Did you mean commandbox?

Ah. Looks like homebrew changed their formula handling. We will need to update the docs.

You will need to do this manually then:

brew unlink commandbox
cd /usr/local/bin
rm -f

Can you help me understand why I’m still seeing that I’m running 6.0.0? I don’t see how this is any different than what I downloaded in my initial post (other than the dir location where I unzipped).
Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 1.45.00 PM

What do you see when you run

which box

which box results in

Just as confirmation, the date modified for the unzipped executable at that location is 8/15/23 which seems to match up to when 5.9.1 was released.

Try removing ~/.CommandBox and restarting box

Looks good. I guess it was looking at some cached version there. Thanks.

@Sharon Are you having an issue with Commandbox 6 that we can help you resolve?

@Sharon CommandBox 6.0.0 should be almost entirely backwards compatible with CommandBox 5.9. Can you let us know why you can’t use it? I’m asking again because I have a sneaky suspicion you have a server that didn’t play with with HomeBrew’s new default of Java 21, but this is incredibly easy to work around and doesn’t require CommandBox to be downgraded. I can’t help but worry that we helped you move back to 5.9 without bothering to check if there was an easy workaround for whatever was making you want to downgrade in the first place.

I’m having the same issue as Sharon.

I assume that John’s suggestion is a workaround until the Homebrew approach can be resolved?

I’ve followed along with the suggested commands (people may need to brew install wget and prefix commands with sudo) and all has been well.

But like Sharon I’m also seeing v6 being returned but I have no ~/.CommandBox file to delete.


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