CB 3.0 Install Theme causes error...

When I try to upload a new theme, the circle of death appears. Nothing happens.
When I manually download and insert a theme into the theme directory, and I hit “Rebuild Registry”, CB gives me this wonderful error.
CF 11, windows server.

"Parameter validation error for the ENTITYSAVE function.
A built-in ColdFusion function cannot accept an assignment statement as a parameter, although it can accept expressions. For example, ENTITYSAVE(d=a*b) is not acceptable. "

"The error occurred in D:/wwwroot/coldbox/system/core/util/Util.cfc: line 222"
" Called from D:/wwwroot/Application.cfc: line 77

220 :
221 :
222 :
223 :
224 : "

I will check on this Nils

Hi Louis,

I’ve installed the ‘sections’ theme manually and using commandbox, unfortunately I also get the same error as mentioned in Nils msg.

Anyone ever figure this out? Still having the same issue… I think it is relatated to an ORM issue…

Hi Nils,

I think I have tracked this down. Let me keep testing, but I think I know what the issue is.

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Thanks, I will assume the potential fix would be in the next update.

Actually, I think this is in the theme itself

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