CB 3.0 NB: XML Validation Schema doesn't account for "name" in <category> under <logbox>

1. Using CB 3.0 NB. I'm getting an error when adding the following to
my configuration file relating to logbox:

<Category name="luis" levelMin="FATAL" levelMax="TRACE"
appenders="majano" />

Error: "The config.xml file does not validate with the framework's
schema. The error details are: Attribute 'name' is not allowed to
appear in element 'Category'. "

2. When I look at the validation schema, it appears that "name" is
indeed missing for "category" under "logbox". Appender-ref, levelMin,
leveMax, and appenders are all accounted for. But it seems "name" is


- Gabriel

Thanks for the heads up will add soon