CB 3.1 initialization problem during upgrade

This works fine on my local development machine. But today I pushed
the updated files up to the live server. I started by deleting all of
the existing files, then uploading what I know are the good files.
This includes a fresh "coldbox" directory with the v3.1.0 files in it,
since the ISP is unwilling to make mappings for us. It's also a CF9

And here's what I'm seeing:

Yea that is weird, usually means that whatever is parsing is wrong. Maybe a bad XML comment or something.

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Yeah but this works perfectly on my local machine.

To doublecheck, I deleted the entire coldbox directory, and reran the
page... got an error, can't find coldbox.cfc. Okay, so far so good.
Uploaded a fresh copy (just the system dir within). Same error.

If I can't figure this out pretty soon, I'm going to have to revert to
the old version of the site.


Is there any chance it could be a file "compatibility" problem since
I'm on a Mac and the live server is Windows?

The ISP is unwilling to make mappings for us.

Can you set up app-specific mappings in your application.cfc?

An error occured while Parsing an XML document.

Are you using an XML config file for Coldbox or the programmatic coldbox.cfc?

If you are using XML, open the file on the server and verify that it copied correctly and doesn't have any random characters in it. If the file looks correct, I would dig into the loader service and put in some debugging to output the contents of the XML to confirm that the framework is opening the file you think it is.

If you aren't using XML and the framework is just having problems finding your coldbox.cfc file see if setting the COLDBOX_APP_MAPPING and COLDBOX_CONFIG_FILE settings in application.cfc help.



did you ever find out how to fix this?