[cb 3.6.0] Random frequent errors


Going through my log files, I’m seeing quite a few common errors:

  1. key [CBOX_EVENTCACHEABLEENTRY] doesn’t exist (existing keys:currentView,layoutoverride,cbox_incomingContextHash,layoutmodule,currentViewArgs,currentLayout,viewModule,currentRoutedURL,currentRoute)
  2. Could not find the included template /views/promotions/dealHelper.cfm. (there isn’t a dealHelper,cfm, so why is it thinking there is one?)
  3. Element RENDEREDVIEW is undefined in IDATA.

These all seem to be errors related to ColdBox and not my app. I’m using Railo 4.1

Has anyone seen these, or know how to rectify/avoid?



Is that code in an interceptor? Can you share it? Please check for var scoping issues.



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Yes I have seen this a few times too, but usually it is me pushing ColdFusion to its memory limits and where ColdFusion itself needs restarting.

But I did find this article on these groups, that may help.