CB3/CF9 Main test failure

I realize that this error is occurring in the MxUnit framework, however I thought it might be occurring due to some interaction specific to CB and MxUnit. Thus, I thought I should start here. (Well, I have googled, threw in dumps, etc. and have not found anything that helps thus far).

In trying to set some tests up so that my client will have several working examples in hand once I leave, I ran the out of the box Main test (at least, I think it is out of the box! I don’t recall making any changes). It fails with error Complex object types cannot be converted to simple values. I have other integration tests that work just fine, so this came as a surprise. It is, however, the only test I have run against a controller to this point. The error occurred in C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\mxunit\framework\TestResult.cfc: line 346, which is building up a query string.

I am testing from the browser using CB3M5, CF9, MXUnit 1.0.8 on WinXP Pro.

The code under test is below.

It's a bug in MXUnit. The code in 1.0.8 has this loop:

        <cfloop collection="#URLScope#" item="key">
                <cfif key neq "output">
                        <cfset qs =

That will fail with URL.exceptionBean since that is not a simple value.

Here's the code I have in my MXUnit (1.0.7 with bug fixes applied):

  <cfloop collection="#URLScope#" item="key">
    <cfif key neq "output" and isSimpleValue(URLScope[key])>
      <cfset qs = listAppend(qs,"#lcase(key)#=#URLScope[key]#","&")>

You should report it on the MXUnit list and see if they want to add
that isSimpleValue() fix...